Why Doncaster Airport is One of the Best

Helen, UK

13 May 2019

Doncaster Airport probably isn’t everyones’ first choice but I have started to use it because not only is it one of the closest to me but it is also one of the best.  Here’s why:

1: Parking – parking in airports is usually a dire affair, they are usually too expensive, too big, too confusing and too busy.  Doncaster is such a well laid-out airport that finding the right section to park your car is easy, the Meet & Greet is right next to the terminal, as is the Premier Parking which I used last time and if you are just doing a quick drop off or pick up then it’s free.  Not many airports offer that any more.  The Premium Parking in particular is excellent, you can book this in advance online and then you just drive straight in, park your car and then walk the 1-2 minutes to departures – quick, simple and cheap! I really appreciated the proximity to the terminal on my last trip because it was unfortunately raining.

2: Check-in – the check-in area is similar to most airports – spacious and airy.  The one good thing about Doncaster though is that it is rarely busy and so much more relaxing.  If you checked in online and only have hand luggage then you can also just go straight up to departures.  I did this last time and it was an absolute breeze.

3: Security – due to the quietness of the airport, security is simple and stress-free.  A quick check of your boarding pass at the desk and then on to the security control.  When I went this month I was there early and I was the only person at the desk and there was nobody behind me at security so I could arrange all my belongings with no pressure. The staff were also extremely kind and helpful.  Aside from when travelling fast-track this is one of the best security experiences I’ve had.  Usually the security halls are full of people not having a clue what they are doing and you have to rush through whilst half-undressed.  Not here, it’s all calm and quiet.

4: Departures – once though security that’s pretty much it.  You can go to the few shops they have to get your essentials, have something to eat or drink or just sit by the enormous windows overlooking to runway to check out the planes.  There are only 3 gates at the top (and the same three but on the ground floor) so it’s never very busy.  You can easily find somewhere quiet to sit and relax whilst waiting for your plane.  There is also a lounge but I have never tried this because I don’t have anything like Priority Pass and Doncaster is so peaceful I don’t feel the need to pay extra to hide away!  I would probably use it though if I had a pass and a few people I know who use the airport also always use the lounge.

5: Gates – the gates are all right there in the departure lounge and there are plenty of screens and announcements so you’d be hard pressed to miss your plane or need to do a long dash anywhere because it’s all on hand.  A quick walk to your gate and then onto the plane, all very civilised.

5: Arrivals – when you come back there can be a slightly longer walk inside depending on where you plane pulls up but once in the baggage carousels are right there so it’s pretty simple to get your stuff.  If, like me on my last trip, you only have hand luggage then you can be off the plane and back in your car in about 5 minutes.  Seriously easy!

All in all Doncaster is a great airport, the prices for everything are reasonable, nothing is too far away, nothing is too busy or stressful and all in all I great place to fly from!  Try it, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

As Doncaster is a small airport then the destinations list is too but there is a still a good range of places to visit and the carriers are all pretty good value, my last trip was a FlyBe flight to Jersey.  This was a super quick flight which was so easy that it was almost like getting a bus.  I would definitely recommend that holiday to anyone, especially if you don’t like flying on long trips. 

A FlyBe plane at Doncaster Airport Photo by Jonathan Winton Photography
on Flickr

Have you flown from Doncaster?  Let me know your experiences by leaving a comment below:

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