The No. 1 Top Tip to Bag a Luxury Bargain

Helen, UK

5 March 2019

If you want a luxury European holiday at a reasonable price then my number 1 top tip is: catch the British Airways luxury sale!  I’ve done this three times now and I’ve had some great holidays at amazing prices. Their best sale is usually in January but they do have others throughout the year.

The first time I tried it, I was quite new to it all so didn’t take advantage of the opportunity as much as I should have.  We had a week in Verona flying Club Europe but we stayed in a 3 star hotel that wasn’t great.  Looking back I would definitely have paid a bit extra to go into a better hotel.  But it was all under £800 for two people in June so not a bad deal.

The next time I saw the sale I booked a Club Europe flight combined with a week’s stay in a 5 star hotel in Malta (all for less that £1000).  I had learned my lesson from the trip to Verona and went for the best hotel I could afford and my word it was worth it!  The hotel was fabulous and I think for 2 people B&B for a week it was a pretty good deal.

Finally, in January of this year, we had to go to Portugal at short notice and as luck would have it their best sale of the year was on. So we managed to get Club Europe flights and a stay in a 4 star hotel on the beach in Alvor for £550!  I couldn’t believe how cheap that was.  We added on a couple of extras such as paid for seats on the plane and a transfer to our hotel so we could relax and enjoy the champagne and my word, it was worth it!


British Airways website

So, if you want a luxury holiday and a bargain price, check out the British Airways sale (there’s one on now). If you sign up for their newsletter they will also let you know when the next one if on.  Remember to sign up for their Executive Club too in order to collect Avios.

Have you have a British Airways holiday?  Did you buy it in the sale?  Let me know your experiences and best tips in the comments below.

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