Do You Pay to Sit Together on the Plane? Why I do and always will

Helen, UK

25 March 2019

A recent Which? report suggests that airline passengers are paying to be seated next to each other unnecessarily.   They surveyed over 3300 flyers and found that those that did not purchase seats together were nevertheless seated next to each other in over 86% of cases.  Therefore the majority were wasting their money.  Whilst the pure maths may say this is true I will continue to always buy my seats until that figure is 100% and here’s why:

Although the percentage of times you get to sit next to your partner, family or friends is indeed very high (not counting Ryanair but I’m avoiding them now anyway), even if there is slight chance of me not sitting next my husband then I will be buying my seats.

I don’t like flying and I don’t find it a particularly enjoyable experience but what does make it better is to be able to sit and chat with my husband when we’re up there.  Having to sit next to a stranger is no fun for me, I can’t talk to them and it’s awkward asking people to get up when you need to use the bathroom.  All in all the experience is nowhere near as good as when I’m with my husband. 

In addition, Royal Aeronautical Society Flight Operations Group (FOG) state that in an emergency family members may try and reach each other regardless of who is around them, therefore putting more lives at risk.  On a recent flight, through bad turbulence, I was able to comfort my husband (who was getting freaked out), if we had sat separately I am sure he would have been worse.  So, while airlines say they don’t deliberately split people up it still may happen just because of logistical reasons.

Photo by Suhyeon Choi on Unsplash

So, until the possibility of sitting next to my flight companion is 100%, I will always pay for my seat when I’m travelling with someone else because I want my flight experience to be the best it can be.


Do you always book your seats?  Or aren’t you bothered where you sit on the plane?  Let me know in the comments below…



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