The Top 5 Things to Have in Your Hand Luggage
Helen, UK
13 March 2019
I always travel via plane with hand luggage and hold luggage.  I try my best but I could never do a holiday with just hand luggage.  Similarly there are certain items that I would not put in the hold either (in case my luggage doesn’t make it to the destination!).  These are my top 5:

1: Contact lenses/glasses – I wear contact lenses every day and without them I’d be lost!  I also always take my glasses with me wherever I go to just in case.  So, these never go in the hold luggage because it would be difficult to replace and without them I’d be really stuck!

2: Expensive electronics – my phone and iPad always come with me in the cabin as well as my Mac and DSLR camera if I’m taking them.  I would hate to lose any of those things because of the personal items and them (and the cost!).

3: Wrap – this may seem a little out there but I always travel with a wrap.  Often we fly from a cold place to a hot place or vice versa so I don’t want to wear a heavy coat but I do want to keep warm so the wrap is usually a good alternative.  In addition, on board it can be used to keep my warm (worn or as a blanket) because sometimes the air conditioning can be a little too much.  Or it can be used as a pillow folded up.

4: Important documents and money – passports, travel vouchers, tickets or itineraries.  These all go in my hand luggage to keep them safe! Aside from your passport probably the most important thing and you need a variety of ways to pay.  Onboard BA now, they don’t take cash so you need a card or one of their loyalty cards to pay with Avios.  So a combination of cash (in home and away currency) and debit/credit cards is something I always take!

5: A protein bar – this is a fairly new one for me but sometimes air travel can be tiring and at such weird times that you may miss a meal or two.  I like the Graze protein bars and when I need something quick and filling they are perfect and will keep my sensitive stomach happy.

Photo by STIL on Unsplash

So, these are my top 5 things that I always pack. Let me know yours in the comments below!

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