A Quick to Cornwall
Helen, UK
10 June 2019
Cornwall is one of the those beautiful places that if you live ‘up north’ you can rarely get to visit because it takes so long to get there!  Luckily there are plenty of internal flights to Exeter and Newquay but because we wanted to drive around quite a bit we decided to drive all the way down as well.  As well as travelling abroad as much as possible we’ve also decided to start seeing some of those places at home we haven’t had chance to so far.  So, we recently went to Cornwall to see some of the top spots.
We weren’t there long but managed to pack a lot in.  We had two full days out and about travelling and these were the best bits:

Porthcurno and the Minack Theatre

I saw a picture of Porthcurno beach in a guide to Cornwall and decided that if I was going to visit anywhere it would be there and it didn’t disappoint. My top tip here, as with most places, is get there early. Our B&B served an early breakfast so we were on the road pretty quick and it didn’t take long to get to this beautiful beach. In fact the lifeguards were just finishing setting up their flags and there was only one other person on the beach (well swimming actually) when we got there. There is a pretty big car park and toilets if you need them, then a gentle stroll to the top of the beach. After that it’s a bit tricky to get down but it’s well worth it when you get to the bottom. The sea is a stunning blue and so so clear and the sand is soft and warm. It’s definitely the kind of place I could have stayed all day with a book and a picnic! There is the coastal path which goes to and from the beach, we had a quick walk up the cliff to join part of it and then walked back to the car because we had to get on to our second stop of the day, the Minack Theatre.

Porthcurno Beach

Photo by Helen N.

The Eden Project and the Lost Gardens of Heligan

To be fair, one day wasn’t enough because we were just over an hour’s drive away our hotel so we were a bit rushed to get around the gardens and we didn’t see all of Eden but it was still a great day’s out. Also, if you do visit both you get a discount (I don’t think you have to visit both on the same day but check).

The Eden Project is stunning, there is no other word for it. We love the outdoors, plants, flowers, wildlife, living sustainably and all that entails so Eden was like heaven. The gardens are really beautiful and gave us great ideas for our own small garden and then domes were really interesting and fun to walk around. Weirdly for me the highlight was probably our lunch in the Core. It was full vegan and was so delicious that I asked for the recipes so I could see if I could replicate them at home. All in all it was a really interesting visit and I only wish we lived closer so I could visit more often.

As a side note, next door to the Project is an adrenaline activity centre. I personally didn’t partake in anything because I didn’t feel like it but my husband did a couple of the activities and really enjoyed it.

So, then we went on to the Lost Gardens of Heligan. This is a vast estate of beautiful gardens, meadows and really cool jungle area with a rope bridge. You need a good few hours to walk around, especially if you go right down to the bottom but we did a quick pass of the main things we wanted to see and we had a great time. It’s a beautiful place and all the wild areas are stunning but actually we really like the market garden where they grow all their produce and also the farm animals they have. This is the kind of thing we love so we really enjoyed that.

The Eden Project

Photo by Helen N.

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