Top 5 Beaches in Jersey

Helen, UK

22 May 2019

Jersey is such a stunning island and so easy to get to from the U.K. that it is definitely worth a visit.  Aside from the beautiful countryside and quaint villages, Jersey has a spectular array of beaches, here are my top 5:

1. Elizabeth Bay

Running between the capital of St Helier and the beautiful little port of St Aubin is Elizabeth Bay.  This beach has everything you need for a day out, it’s perfect for walking, playing with the kids, water sports (you can hire boards of all kinds) and even horse riding.  The promenade runs the full length of the bay and has designated walking and cycling lanes.  A land train also runs from St Helier to St Aubin in the summer months and parking is available in multiple locations (paying).  There are also cafes and restaurants along the bay so there’s plenty of places to go when you need a top-up!

2. St. Brelade’s Bay

Further around to the west is St Brelade’s, this is a stunning beach, still a good size but has a more intimate feel.  The beach is good for all sorts of activities and there are restaurants, cafes and small shops nearby.  There is also a well-designed Pizza Express which is very popular.  Parking is ample (paying) and there is also a lovely park to walk through when you’ve had enough of the beach.


St Brelade’s Bay

Photo by Henry Burrows on Flickr

3. St. Ouen’s Bay

 One of the best beaches for watersports, St Ouen’s is vast.  A magnet for surfers and body-boarders this beach has a real wild feel to it due to the nature reserve nearby which has meant minimal building in the area.  The tidal range here is huge and the sea can come right up to the wall so get your timings right!  It also means it is great for swimming as well and being such a big beach there is always a quiet spot somewhere even in summer.  There are a few cafes and restaurants along the bay and plenty of free parking.  If you like plane spotting then you can sit yourself under the flight path and watch then come and go.


St Ouen’s Bay

Photo by James West on Flickr

4. Plémont

Plemont is much more popular than it used to be so be warned.  In  summer the road in gets quite chaotic and don’t even thing about driving all the way to the beach!  Park up the top if you can.  The beach is completely covered at full tide so check before you come.  But if the tide is out then you’re in for a real treat.  This is a beautiful rocky cove with little nooks and crannies to hide away.  The steps down are quite steep but there is a great little cafe and toilets at the top if you need some refreshments.  This is a great beach for lazing away a Sunday.


Photo by a.poll_o on Flickr

 5. Bonne Nuit Bay

So, for something a little different head up to the north coast.  There are lots of great beaches up here, mostly cobble but well worth the visit.  One of the best is Bonne Nuit, this is a little harbour with a small beach that is covered at high tide but the is a great little cafe which is open all day and is also a Thai restaurant.  Bonne Nuit is a good place for a quiet drink and rest.

Bonne Nuit Bay

Photo by Andy Hawkins on Flickr

Now I know I’ve left out some stunning beaches so what would be in your top 5?  Let me know below:

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