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Helen, UK

8th March 2019

I’ve always loved travelling (who doesn’t) and in the past have been limited due to work commitments and budget.  Then I moved abroad and realised that I wanted to see more of the world (especially Europe) and I needed to start to make that happen.

But it was on a trip to Cuba when I realised that travelling could be much more comfortable and relaxing if you spent a little bit more on certain luxuries.  It was in Cuba that I turned 40 and so for me, it became more important that I could enjoy my holidays without the stress that can often go with it.  We didn’t go crazy, we just paid for the VIP fast track through arrivals.  This meant that we went through much faster than everyone else in that hot and packed arrivals hall.  We were then taken to an air conditioned bar where we were given free drinks while the staff went off to find the luggage.

It was the only thing extra we did pay for but it was definitely worth it after a long flight in economy!

Then after that my father passed away suddenly and I realised that I needed to start doing the things I really wanted to as soon as I could. For me, this was travelling and travelling in comfort!  So, I started to look around for experiences and upgrades that really made a difference.

This blog is to share those things about travelling that I think really make a positive difference, especially when you’re a woman over 40.  When you get to a certain age travelling can be harder and filled with hurdles you don’t have in your 20s or 30s.

If you have any questions about my blog, would like to suggest a topic or want to talk about anything else, then please let me know!

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