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A Quick Trip to Cornwall

Cornwall is a stunning part of England but for most of us can be quite tricky to get two. We went for a few days in June, this is my suggestion for a couple of days out.

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The Top 5 Things to Always Have in Your Hand Luggage

AIR TRAVELThe Top 5 Things to Have in Your Hand Luggage Helen, UK 13 March 2019 I always travel via plane with hand luggage and hold luggage.  I try my best but I could never do a holiday with just hand luggage.  Similarly there are certain items that I would not put...

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My Story

TRAVEL & LIFESTYLEMy StoryHelen, UK8th March 2019I’ve always loved travelling (who doesn’t) and in the past have been limited due to work commitments and budget.  Then I moved abroad and realised that I wanted to see more of the world (especially Europe) and I...

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Driving in Romania? Yes You Can!

DRIVING ABROADDriving in Romania? Yes you can!Helen, UK28th February 2019Driving abroad is always tricky, especially when it's on the other side of the road.  There are some countries that have a reputation for how difficult it can be to drive through and Romania is...

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