British Airways Club Lounge at Heathrow Review

Helen, UK

27 February 2019

One of the best upgrades or little luxuries you can pay for when travelling via aeroplanes is to book yourself into an airport lounge. This is especially true if you are travelling alone.  I recently travelled from Heathrow and was able to use the BA Club Lounge for the first time.  

The first thing is of course that the whole of Terminal 5 is British Airways and once through the security actually getting to the Lounge seemed more trouble that it should have been.  There are two Lounge areas, North and South, and I vaguely remembered the check-in staff saying I should go to the South ones. I don’t know the difference but I assume that it is for ease of getting to your gate, which means that the Lounges are quite vast.

The First and Concorde lounges are on the first floor and to get to the Club Europe ones you have to go up another set off escalators. Finally when you get up there you can go into the lounge (after having your boarding pass checked, as is standard). The Lounge is large and for the first timer alone, quite bewildering. It would have been better if they had someone to show me around the facilities. I also wish that the lounges have lockers so that people travelling alone can leave their larger luggage somewhere safe but I have never seen that anywhere.

So, being alone I didn’t like to leave my stuff anywhere so I only managed to get something to read and a drink but having a short walk around I could see lots of great looking food, a wine selection and a proper bar where you can help yourself to something stronger. The only disappointment for me was that there was no Champagne available, you have to ask for it (which I did).  There was a good range of newspapers though few decent magazines.  There were plenty of comfy seats and tables and bars to work at if you needed to.  I didn’t get to chance to look around fully but it seemed a decent enough place and would be much more fun with two!  For one person alone it meant a quiet, calm place to wait until time for boarding.


Terminal 5

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